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This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).


SKU NL1001

Daylight and desk lamp in one
With the Needlite desk lamp you will get the good work lighting along with the healthy daylight, all while working inside the office. We have long been aware that daylight influences both our body and mind. When we do not get enough daylight, we are affected negatively by getting tired, ineffective and in a bad mood. We lack energy in everyday life, and some may even end up getting a so-called "winter depression".

It is scientifically proven:

  • that daylight during the working day can improve the brains performance, achievement and sense of solving problems
  • that daylight optimizes body, mind, consciousness and mind and taht you strengthen the immune system against diseases such as colds and flu.
  • that you make fewer mistakes and feel more fresh if you are given a moderate amount of daylight during your working day.
  • that daylight can give you more energy for the evening after an ordinary working day

We simply do not get enough light in the course of a working day. Even during summer when we sit all day at the office, we can still get in deficit. Unfortunately, few of us have the time to go out for a walk in the middle of the day (experts recommend more than one hour), so the fact is that we in the Nordic countries will be hit by winter blues. But there is a solution...

Needlite is a well-designed work light that gives you both the necessary daylight as well as effective light in your workplace. The lamp can be controlled intelligently via an app - or with touch function. When you leave your work station, the lights will switch off. With the LED bulbs the lamp life is more than 10 years with normal office use.

The lamp comes as a set of two lamps that are placed on each corner of the desktop. Distance and brightness is adjusted to your needs. The two lamps ensures a symmetrical light to both eyes, and gives a great well-lit working area without shadows.

Avoid fatigue because of lack of daylight. Get daylight in the office - all day!

  • Dimensions: 52,5 x 25 x 15,5 cm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg
  • CE
  • LED

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