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This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).
This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).


TC products are products of the Top-Cousins ​​corporate brand. In addition to our other products, TC products also give you better working positions. The product group includes electric tables, ergonomic mice, various supports and office and saddle chairs. The products are recommended by occupational health professionals and represent an ergonomic and safe work environment in the 2020s. See TC products

Stoo® products are designed to support active work in diverse operating environments. In the product family, you will find products that enable better working positions in offices, homes and schools! According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest health threats in our country that we are fighting against with Stoo® products. See Stoo® products

Hima products are locally produced ergonomic design furniture. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland. The ergonomic features of the products are designed by Top-Cousins. Kasper Nyman is behind the design of the products. In addition to the looks and materials, the design process has taken special account of ergonomics and the versatile use of the products for more than just working in the home environment. See Hima products

Standivarius' philosophy includes intelligent product design, environmentally conscious production and waste-free packaging. The portable stands are designed and manufactured in Europe to meet the standards of ergonomic excellence recognized by well-known institutions. Standivarius premium laptop and reading stands are designed for demanding professional use. All standivarius stands are made of Hylite aluminum composite and have a lifetime warranty. With the racks, you optimize the ergonomic use of portable lattices and prevent e.g. neck and shoulder pain. The products have been designed with user-friendliness and design in mind, so they are also great for consumer use. See standivarius products

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Backapp changes the lives of people who do sedentary work. The technology of the Backapp product is unique in the world. This is also evidenced by the fact that we have patents in several countries. Backapp aims to develop, manufacture and sell chairs that strengthen the muscles that support the spine while sitting. We want to help people around the world achieve better health and well-being. See Backapp products

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