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This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).
This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).

Adaptic Evora

SKU 190800

Delivery time 2-3 weeks

  • versatile therapeutic chair suitable for most builds
  • best-selling model in our collection
  • stimulates motor function
  • suitable for office, home office and a variety of other uses
  • 3D positioning armrests (up/down, forward/back, sideways)
  • soft comfortable seat, breathable mesh backrest
  • adjustable seat, headrest and lumbar support height

Set it up as you need.

The Adaptic EVORA therapeutic chair is a versatile model suitable for slim, medium, and large builds between 160-190 cm in height. It is a perfect fit for anyone between 165-185 cm. It shines in office, open-space, home office, or general PC-chair use.

EVORA has adjustable armrests in three directions, adjustable headrest and backrest.

Adaptic tilting seat.

Adaptic therapeutic chairs feature a unique, adaptive spring-mounted seat, which enables activation of back, abdominal, and deep core stabilizing muscles. The adaptive seat enables muscles to maintain optimal tone, essential for healthy posture. Vertebrae and spinal discs are thus protected from the overloading common in standard and ergonomic chairs with fixed seats. An Adaptic seat instead distributes loads along the entire length of the spine, allowing all muscles in the area to participate in maintaining posture. Our chairs relieve back pain and stiff neck and prevent poor posture, lowering the likelihood of developing chronic musculoskeletal conditions and other complications.

Adaptic tilting seats also allow the pelvis to maintain its natural mobility. Normally, most torso movements begin in the pelvis, but the static seats of standard office chairs, as well as most ergonomic chairs, hold the pelvis fixed and thus lead to unnatural torso movements. On such chairs, the pelvic area has to conform to the seat, rather than the other way around, potentially causing problems over the long term. The resulting muscle imbalance leads to overloading of the spine, which may cause painful conditions. Adaptic tilting seats remove this problem by mildly tilting sideways or front-to-back, matching the movements of the pelvis. Unlike a static seat, an Adaptic seat will conform to the natural motions of your body.

Parameters of a healthy chair - Evora +

Buildslim, medium, large
Height160 - 190 cm
Height (short cylinder)up to 175 cm
Height (standard cylinder)ca. 176 - 182 cm
Height (long cylinder)from 183 cm
Positioningseat height, 3D armrests, headrest and lumbar support
Maximum load120 kg
Weight17.5 kg
Package DIM (W × L × H)515 x 515 x 855 mm

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