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This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).
This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).

Adaptic MIO Kids


Delivery time 2-3 weeks

  • healthy chair for kids aged 6 and older
  • height range 120-168 cm
  • supports healthy development of the spine
  • prevents scoliosis
  • helps kids learn healthy posture
  • relieves back pain, prevents development of chronic conditions
  • height-adjustable armrests, seat, lumbar support
  • soft seat, breathable mesh backrest

For optimal development of the child's spine.

The Adaptic MIO KIDS is designed for school-age children 6 years and older, 120 cm and taller (for ring version). It offers powerful health benefits (details below) and helps the spine develop naturally. The chair helps kids maintain a straight posture and learn how to sit properly.

Strengthens back and abdominal muscles.

The muscles surrounding the spine need to be regularly used to work properly. Long hours spent sitting on oft-inadequate classroom chairs, followed by more sitting at home in front of the TV or video games, may lead to weakening and / or overloading of deep torso muscles, causing muscle imbalance.

The Adaptic MIO KIDS allows activation of all participating muscles and even distribution of weight among them. This includes muscles of the back and abdomen, as well as the deep core stability muscles surrounding the spine, which cannot be easily strengthened with normal exercise.

The use of all appropriate muscles allows maintaining optimal posture for static load. With these muscles active, the spine curves naturally and the individual vertebrae and discs are evenly loaded. These muscles include the deep muscles of the back, the diaphragm, and pelvic and abdominal muscles. Together, these muscle groups support the abdominal cavity and help maintain optimal abdominal pressure.

Prevents scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a sideways deformation of the spine consisting of rotation of the vertebrae or their shifting to the side. The result is an unphysiological spinal curvature preventing the attainment of proper posture. Scoliosis has two basic stages – functional and structural. In functional scoliosis, the spinal deformation is not yet permanent and can be rectified with physical therapy. Eventually, functional scoliosis will become structural as vertebrae deform and rotate. One way to prevent aggravation of scoliotic features of the spine is to improve the muscle support of the torso, such as with active sitting on an Adaptic MIO KIDS therapeutic chair. The tilting spring-mounted seat of an Adaptic chair allows for both spiral and vertical stabilization and strengthens back and abdominal muscles, helping prevent scoliosis or reduce the severity of certain existing cases.

Straightens hunched back. Improves posture.

Long-term sitting with hunched back (effectively all standard and ergonomic office chairs) increases the stress on spinal discs, as the weight of the torso is not symmetrically distributed. The anterior (front) part of the disc is under more pressure than the posterior (back) part, eventually tending to compress the disc into a wedge shape and overload the ligaments that help stabilize the disc. The core of the disc tends to shift position, which may cause pressure on nearby nerves. Sitting on standard chairs which only allow a hunched posture thus may lead to damage to spinal discs. The Adaptic MIO KIDS features a spring-mounted seat that can tilt axially (forward and back) and laterally (to the sides) to adapt to the movement of the pelvis. This allows the spine to assume its natural S-shape, which is optimal for a sitting posture and reduces stress on spinal discs. Adaptic therapeutic chairs help activate the supporting muscles of the spine, stabilizing the spinal column and allowing it to maintain its natural shape.

Thomayer’s back test for kids

In 2011, two Dutch physicians identified an unusual spinal curve problem in children, one which had last been seen in numbers over a century ago, when children still commonly labored in factories. This condition manifests as occasional bouts of back pain which grow more frequent over time, affecting children aged 6-18 (and on into adulthood if acquired earlier). Upon review, it turned out that the modern incarnation of this condition is primarily due to poor posture while playing video games, and as such it became commonly known as “GameBoy back”.

The Thomayer bending test is a simple home test of back health suitable for children. One bends over forward while standing, letting the arms hang loosely towards the toes, and the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the toes is measured. Children without spinal problems should be able to touch their toes with their fingers or even the whole palm.

Parameters of a healthy chair - MIO Kids

SeatW/D/H 42 × 42 × 6 cm
Height120 - 160 cm
Height (with ring)from 120 cm
Seat height (from ring)27 - 37 cm
Seat height (from ground)48 - 58 cm
Armrest height (from ground)62 - 72 cm
Positioningseat, armrests, lumbar support
Maximum load110 kg
Weight15 kg
Package DIM (W × L × H)560 x 480 x 778 mm

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