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This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).
This is Top-Cousins Oy B2B page and Dealer portal. You can click this announcement to go to our D2C web shop (only in Finnish).

Adaptic Xtreme


Delivery time 2-3 weeks

  • therapeutic chair for slim, medium and large build
  • one of the best therapeutic chairs on the market
  • high-tech composite materials for a highly flexible backrest
  • comfortable adaptive head- and backrest matches back and head motions
  • positioning seat accommodates all leg lengths and enables relaxed posture
  • strengthens back, abdominal and deep core stability muscles
  • breathable mesh backrest
  • positioning armrests (up/down, forward/back, lockable)

Extreme sensation. A must-have.

The Xtreme therapeutic chair (as well as its line-mates DESIRE and STYLE) are among the best chairs on the market, period. These are versatile chairs suitable for slim, medium, and large builds and any height over 160 cm. If you are over 180 cm, we recommend using Xtreme without the headrest, which you can de-select in the Headrest field of the product card.

XTREME, STYLE and DESIRE are all based on the same design, differing in seat and back materials and matte or gloss highlights. Xtreme has a fabric seat finish and a mesh backrest, Style is in leather-mimicking microfiber, and Desire comes in genuine leather with gloss highlights.

Next-generation spring.

Xtreme boasts a next-generation spring designed on the basis of muscle-reaction measurements to take health benefits to the next level. Read on to see what else is unique about this chair.

Auto-adaptive. Formfitting. Amazing.

The back- and headrest are made of high-tech composite materials, which excel in their flexibility and adapt to pressure applied by your body, providing firm yet comfortable feedback force to keep your posture at optimum. It’s a rush.

Comfy posture. Lots of room. Fits any build.

Xtreme is suitable for slim, medium, and large builds and the height range:

  • 160-180 cm with headrest
  • over 180 cm – we recommend not using the headrest

In addition to tilting like all Adaptic seats, the seat on the Xtreme can be moved forward or back in its entirety, allowing for a relaxed posture. The Xtreme also has ample room, a comfortable seat, perfect ergonomics, and height-adjustable rotating headrest and armrests (forward-back, up-down, lockable at any point).

Adaptic puts health first.

Sitting on the Adaptic Xtreme is highly comfortable thanks to its soft ergonomic seat. As with other Adaptic chairs, the tilting-seat system relieves lumbar and neck pain, strengthens deep core stability muscles, prevents spinal disc displacement, and enables natural mobility of the pelvis, an important factor in back health. Intuitive controls allow easy adjustment for the perfect posture. Seats are available in several colors suitable for office or home office use.

Parameters of a healthy chair - Extreme

Buildslim, medium, large
Heightfrom 160 cm
Height (standard cylinder)ca. 160-182 cm
Height (long cylinder)from 183 cm
Positioningseat height, 2D lockable armrests, headrest height and angle
Maximum load120 kg
Weight20 kg
Package DIM (W × L × H)2 pcs: 665 x 425 x 705 mm | 535 x 525 x 315 mm

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